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Cartoon - Elk Hair Caddis

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1 Cartoon - Elk Hair Caddis on Sun Sep 04, 2011 10:12 pm


Elk Hair Caddis

An animated short film by: Alice Holme, Peter Smith, Anders Brogaard, Magnus Møller

A father escapes his stressful life with his many tadpoles to his favourite hideout by the river. His peace and quiet is suddenly disturbed by his neighbour's attempt to catch the fish of his dreams.

A film by
Alice Holme
Peter Smith
Anders Brogaard
Magnus Møller

Thomas Richard Christensen
Svend Nordby
Tony Furtado
Lara Mixtelena

Light and Render
Ole Guldbrandsen
Andreas Thomsen
Frederik Valentin
Louie Ishii

Tod Polson ,Direction
Alex Williams, Animation
Sunit Parekh, Technical
Kustaa Vuorii, Technical
Nicolai Slothuus, Technical
Andreas Steen Sørensen, technical
Henrik Malmgreen, Production
Katrine Talks, Production
Michelle Nardone, Production

Thanks to
Sarah Theil Nielsen
Astrid Lauritsen
Mette Tange
Rie Nymann
Natalia Marcos
Jakob Kousholt
Morten Thorning

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